About Us


It began with Baseball...

Global Sports began with one man who loved playing Baseball. He discovered the reality of God’s presence in his life while playing and coaching at the University of Illinois in 1976. His journey had many turns and detours but ultimately led him to establish the non-profit organization that would share the very message that changed his life many years ago. Read More...

Our Vision and Mission

Since the organization's inception, Global Sports Federation Inc (GSF) has been about Sports, Relationships and the Good News of Hope. The broad appeal of sports opens many doors and allows us to build friendships all over the world. But what most people across the globe truly need is not mere games and excitement, but the knowledge that God loves them, that their lives matter and their Maker is not absent. Only God gives hope for the future and the strength to triumph through life's challenges. Our lives have been transformed by this truth. So we take our athletic gear and set out for the fields, courts, and bullpens to share this message with the world through sports and friendhsips.

Meet the Team

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Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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Our Team

Jeffrey Siegel

Jeff Siegel is the founder and Executive Director of Global Sports Federation, Inc. He was...

Brian and Connie Doyle

Brian Doyle serves with Global Sports Federation concentrating on player development, training, and curriculum. Brian...

George Murdock

George Murdock serves as the International Director with Global Sports. His responsibilities include mentoring staff...

Justin Hixson

Justin Hixson represents Global Sports in the Western United States and California since March 2012....