Gospel Clinic in Cuba

I have just returned from an action-packed trip from Cuba. We traveled with a very talented team which included doctors nurses and dentists who came from Texas, New York, Florida, Missouri, and Georgia. Besides doing a marriage seminar and basic theological training for emerging leaders with the local church in Alamar we operated a three-day medical and dental clinic in one of the major residential districts near Havana.  We set up our operations right in the church. What was amazing is that we partnered with local Cuban church doctors and a local dentist. It was a great opportunity to show Cubans that we want to help them improve the lives of their countrymen.

As a result, hundreds of people came to this mobile clinic, they were examined, treated, they received some needed medicine and some essential dental supplies. We prayed individually with many who visited the clinic. We were able to share the gospel with people who came and invited them to come back to the church. Long ago Jesus met the needs of people as he proclaimed God’s kingdom. He fed people, he healed their afflictions. Why not follow his example and proclaim the good news by demonstrating people God’s love in tangible ways?