Justin Hixson

Justin Hixson represents Global Sports in the Western United States and California since March 2012. Justin played baseball at California Baptist University as a pitcher, where he was voted most improved as a freshman. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication as with a minor in Public Relations from California State University. Because Justin loves sports and strives for professionalism in this arena he also earned a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from California State University.

Justin joined the Global Baseball Youth Federation because he is passionate about serving God and loves doing it through sports. Justin’s responsibilities with Global Sports include development and recruiting. He organizes groups to join Global Sports trips to facilitate the ongoing ministry projects. He has been concentrating his efforts working with donors who help the organization. As Justin raises financial support for his own ministry he has been able to travel with Global Sports assisting and leading overseas projects in the Dominican Republic and Israel. Justin also serves as a leader for youth ministries at Sandals Church, where he is involved in hands-on mentorship with young men, guiding them how to walk with Christ through life. Justin, his wife Mindy and his daughter Payton currently live in Riverside California.

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