Sports and The Gospel

Our main initiative is to spread the Gospel through Sports. So how does one do that? It is not a secret that the success of sharing the good news of hope requires relationships, friendships, and face-to-face interaction with people who have not heard the gospel. Words can fall flat, but in most cultures, actions reveal who people really are. Sport is a common language that transcends many cultures and opens doors. Sharing who we are we share Christ.

Sometimes we organize special sports camps and offer free professional coaching clinics and practices for young people. We often ask professional athletes to share their personal testimonies at these public events. We befriend local players, coaches, and teams. We set up joint practices, competitions, and games. All this creates countless natural opportunities to speak into people’s lives, to introduce them to local churches and local believers. We donate equipment and uniforms to local leagues and this rarely goes unnoticed. We constantly create opportunities to explain why we do what we do.