Strategic Move in Cuba

Some ministry friends and partners from North Dakota, Missouri, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia have joined me on a trip to Cuba. A team of nineteen people conducted a Vacation Bible School did some repairs and light construction work, volunteered medical services and delivered humanitarian aid with me.

An amazing opportunity just opened up to our ministry to purchase an apartment in a strategic residential area near Alamar, Cuba. We will need to refurbish the place. We will need living room furniture, a refrigerator, stove, dining room table, chairs and beds for the three bedrooms. We will also need to purchase three air conditioners for the bedrooms. But this apartment will give us space for housing up to ten people and there are thousands of people living in the apartment complexes nearby.

We can plant new house churches in this area and this apartment can serve as the base of our operations. Our teams can stay in the zone thirteen apartments and do ministry among high rise apartments for thousands of people who need to come to Christ. It is an exciting opportunity and I feel strongly that we need to go through with our plans in this community. Join us and help us make this a reality. It will be a source of blessing for the people of Cuba.

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