Synagogue Softball

Over the years Global Sports has developed a friendship with the main synagogue in Havana. On a recent trip, I attended their worship service and was called up front to read for the weekly reading from the Torah scroll. I offered a public prayer on behalf of the Cuban Jewish community. After lunch, one of our team members who sings Frank Sinatra style songs performed a couple of songs and was so well received that they asked him to come back a do a whole concert for the synagogue in the future.

Later that day some of us participated in a softball tournament with the synagogue Maccabi softball team. They were training prior to their trip to Mexico City. Sports teams from Jewish communities from all over Latin American countries compete with each other on a regular basis. Some former Cuban pro baseball players joined us and the 3-day tournament was a great success. We put on a good game and after the event donated Gatorade, softballs, gloves, bats, spikes to the team.

I connected with the Cuban softball team captain named Carlos. He told me that he is moving to Israel with his family when he returns from Mexico City. Since I plan to be in Israel later this year we exchanged emails. If it is possible, I would love to see Carlos and his family in Israel as they adjust to new life there. Who knows where this relationship might go. I never stop being amazed at how Sports opens the doors to be involved in so many peoples lives and be a witness for Christ in most unlikely places.