Our Work and Vision

Our Mission

Global Sports Federation, Inc. exists to build relationships through sports in order to share the gospel of hope across the globe.


Our Vision & Philosophy

Sports is an international language which transcends cultures, opens many doors and allows us to build friendships all over the world. Our lives have been transformed through the power of God’s love. So we take our uniforms and gear and set out for the fields, courts, and bullpens to share this message with the world through sports. Each country we engage is different and we adjust our approach. In developing countries we offer not only athletic coaching and sports expertise but humanitarian aid, ministerial training, financial support, facilities development and medical services. Global Sports accomplishes its work through teams of short-term volunteers as we partner with local churches and ministries.


Here are some of the types of work we do in places like in Cuba, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Germany, Brazil, Kosovo, Nicaragua, China, Venezuela, Mexico, Hungary and Poland.


  • Youth Sports Clinics (We organize sporting events, camps and training sessions and have sports pros present the gospel via their personal testimonies)
  • Friendship Games (We bring teams to play and compete with local teams. We build personal relationships and witness to local coaches and players)
  • Open Air Outreach (We conduct special VBS programs at local churches. We engage locals through sports in the parks and do door-to-door ministry in the community. We share the gospel on the streets and in public places)
  • Visitation and Evangelism (We visit homes, give out Bibles, magazines, pray with people and arrange follow-up Bible studies and discipleship facilitated by local ministries. )
  • Benevolence Work ( With the help of local believers we deliver humanitarian aid such as food, clothing and personal hygiene items throughout in needy neighborhoods, establishing new friendships and relationships)
  • Gear and Supplies (We bring sports gear, medical supplies, Bibles, tools and equipment to help those who cannot afford such items. We invite people to our special events and games)
  • Training and Support (we train new leaders, encourage local pastors, provide temporary and ongoing financial support, teach outreach methods, help churches grow, acquire new worship facilities, refurbish and repair existing structures.